CPAs & Attorneys

For four decades, QBI has been committed to delivering personalized solutions and retirement plan administration for clients with qualified retirement plans. We work with CPAs and Attorneys to help build plans that meet your needs, provide the compliance assurance you deserve, and help your clients achieve their retirement goals.

We work with all types of industries, providing expert retirement plan design and administration. Our partners (CPAs, business managers, attorneys, owners and financial advisors) work with us because we offer creative solutions that provide higher tax-savings potential through the use of Defined Benefit Pension, Profit Sharing, Money Purchase and Safe Harbor 401k Plans.

Why work with QBI?

  • QBI has the expertise, understands the increasingly complex regulatory environment and is able to resolve unusual situations.
  • QBI is recognized nationally for quality and timeliness.
  • QBI will help you make informed decisions giving you time to focus on managing plan assets instead of worrying about fixing other TPA errors.
  • QBI offers flexibility in plan design, a better understanding of compliance issues, and great customer service.
  • QBI respects the relationship between advisors and their plan sponsors and strive to keep that relationship solid.

QBI CPA and Attorneys